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Tuesday night in Texas, Donald Trump held a town hall with Sean Hannity and members of the electorate, speaking at-length on immigration policy.

Some observers have said Trump appears to be softening his firm stance against illegal immigration.

“We’re not looking to hurt people…We are going to follow the laws of this country,” Trump said.

Wednesday on Outnumbered, host Meghan McCain warned Trump against softening on an issue that, for many in her home state of Arizona, is a “one-issue vote.”

“Coming from a border state, this is by far the most emotionally intense issue, especially when you live along the border,” McCain said. “It’s definitely a tone shift. He’s talking about D.R.E.A.M. Act students.”

#OneLuckyGuy Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard remarked that it would be difficult for Trump to “recast himself” after “campaigning through the primaries as the ‘tough-on-immigration’ guy.”

McCain agreed.

“It may please moderate voters, but you are going to lose the base,” McCain said. “It’s a major issue in [Arizona, Texas, California and Nevada]—you may be called ‘Amnesty Trump’,” she said.

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