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During a special town hall event in Austin, Texas, hosted by Sean Hannity, immigration and border security experts explained the nature of the illegal immigration problem what it would take to keep the country safe.

Chris Crane, president of the National ICE Council, said a shortage of ICE officers has hindered the effort to police immigrants legal and illegal.

"We've got five thousand officers in 50 states...trying to police 13 million illegal aliens, as well as the folks that are here legally," he said.

He added that 40 percent of illegal aliens don't even cross the border, but overstay their visas.

"We are set up for failure and Congress knows it, and they will not do anything to help us."

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said that agents need to be allowed to "do the job."

"What they're doing is they're handcuffing border patrol agents. They're letting the illegal aliens dictate to us what our job is. We have to end the catch-and-release program. You've got to get rid of the magic magnet that is bringing these people over here."

Judd said that Donald Trump's proposed wall was a "force multiplier" and would "absolutely help us secure the border."

Watch the segment above.

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