In Email Exchange, Sick Hillary Said a Commercial Flight Was Too 'Burdensome'

Graham: ‘If You’re Waiting for DOJ’ to Hold ‘Obama-Clinton World Accountable, You’ll Die of Old Age’

According to Politico, Hillary Clinton aims to "run out the clock" until Election Day in 75 days, hoping Donald Trump will bring himself down.

But Greg Gutfeld said that's like a quarterback taking a knee at the beginning of the fourth quarter.

"So rather than persuasively dispel accusations of cronyism, she puts a 'Closed Early' sign on the front of the shop and hides in a crawl space under the stairs," he said.

Gutfeld said that instead of "I'm With Her," Clinton's campaign slogan should be "Where'd She Go?"

"She's less visible than Pluto. On the run longer than Whitey Bulger. Even Waldo is wondering where in the world she is."

And while Clinton is banking on "Trump being Trump," Trump is counting on Clinton's scandals exploding.

"Each candidate's secret weapon happens to be each other. They're playing chicken with their own flaws, banking on the other's mistakes."

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