A member of Donald Trump's Hispanic Advisory Council and a syndicated columnist clashed on The O'Reilly Factor over the Republican nominee's immigration proposals.

Council member Steve Cortes said that Trump would not give amnesty to illegal immigrants or reward them with citizenship, but would uphold the law in a "sensible" and "compassionate" way and subject illegals to a "process."

He said that illegal immigrants with families would be permitted to stay but would be given no path to citizenship and would have to pay back taxes and financial penalties.

Eric Bolling said he didn't know the difference between what Cortes outlined and amnesty.

Ruben Navarette said that what Cortes described would be labeled amnesty by anti-illegal immigration hardliners, including Sen. Jeff Sessions.

"Amnesty is citizenship," Cortes said. "It is the right to vote. It is the right to be an American."

Navarette said that was "nonsense," saying that the definition of amnesty according to nativists and hardliners is to allow illegal immigrants to stay under any circumstances.

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