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The United States faces many threats, but terrorism is not chief among them, according to Joe Biden.

In an Atlantic piece on his foreign policy, the vice president downplayed the threat terrorism poses to the U.S.

“Terrorism is a real threat,” Biden told The Atlantic's Steve Clemons. “But it’s not an existential threat to the existence of the democratic country of the United States of America. Terrorism can cause real problems. It can undermine confidence. It can kill relatively large numbers of people. But terrorism is not an existential threat.”

Clemons outlines how Biden sees high-profile events like "loose nukes" or "unintended nuclear conflict" as the major threats to U.S. national security, the real "wolves in the field," as opposed to ISIS or Al Qaeda.

"If Biden were running for the presidency, this piece of the Biden Doctrine—what he calls 'proportionality'—would no doubt be red meat for many who place terrorism at the heart of America’s challenges today," Clemons wrote.

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