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Rudy Giuliani joined the "Fox and Friends" co-hosts to react to former Secretary of State Colin Powell claiming that the Hillary Clinton campaign is trying to "pin" the scandal surrounding Clinton's private email server on him.

Powell told The New York Post that Clinton had been using her personal email for State Department business for a year before he advised her to do it, as he had done during his tenure as secretary of state.

Giuliani said this is just another lie to add to "the book of Clinton lies."

"She lies every day!" he said. "What she did is outrageous, it's criminal. The only reason she only got away with it is because we have a politicized Justice Department, not a real Justice Department."

He said the Obama administration "disgraced" the Justice Department by not prosecuting Clinton over her mishandling of state secrets, and he said it will be even more disgraceful if they don't look into the "pay-to-play" allegations surrounding the Clinton Foundation.

"The Clinton Foundation is yelling out for an investigation," Giuliani stated. "Money goes to the Clinton Foundation, UBS pays $1.5 million in speaking fees pays $1.5 million in speaking fees to Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton intervenes in their case, and gets the number of names they have to turn over to the IRS cut down from 55,000 to 4,900. In the old days when I was a prosecutor, we used to call that bribery."

"The Clinton Foundation is a straight, out-and-out racketeering enterprise," Giuliani said. "If the Justice Department isn't investigating that, the Justice Department is a disgrace."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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