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Taxi drivers in New York City are no longer required to take an English proficiency exam before earning their medallion, according to new legislation signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio. 

The new regulation, which took effect Friday, allows the city’s cabbies to take their driver’s exam in a multitude of languages—effectively terminating the requirement of an English proficiency exam.

According to the New York Times, the move was made to keep in line with private livery service Uber, which does not require its drivers to speak English.

However, the paper found that the new regulation has been met with mixed reviews:

“It doesn’t matter as long as they get me there safely,” Darryl Whiting, 26, of The Bronx, N.Y. said.

But Pasang Sherpa, a student at a taxi school in Queens, N.Y., disagreed: “You have to communicate with the customer,” he told the paper, “You’re driving a cab—you’re dealing with the public.”

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