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A teenager waiting tables at a diner in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley was shocked to see a racially-charged note scrawled on the bottom of one of her receipts.

Sadie Elledge, 18, who works at Jess’ Quick Lunch in Harrisonburg had an odd feeling about two of her customers at the diner last week, until she received their bill.

Elledge, who is of Mexican and Honduran descent, received no tip on the pair’s $26 tab, but instead saw a note reading “we only tip citizens.”

The teenager told WHSV she found the note “rude and disrespectful,” but it was her grandfather who took the racial slight personally.

John Elledge took to Facebook and posted an image of the receipt and wrote that he would “happily do jail time [to] get one solid punch in to the face of the [expletive] who” wrote the note.

“[Sadie] asked me why I posted it…It was an insult against my granddaughter…no apologies,” John Elledge, who is white, said.

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