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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on "Justice" last night to share his thoughts on how progressive policies have helped fuel inner-city violence.

"Milwaukee is under control by these progressive, liberal Democrats," Sheriff Clarke said. "Their failed urban policies have wrecked the city of Milwaukee, the city that I grew up in, the city that I was raised in and have been a part [of] my whole life."

He pointed to a loss of jobs, a failing education system and an increase in the number of dysfunctional families, all of which he said have been "exacerbated under this progressive idea of how to run cities.

Sheriff Clarke said it's not just Milwaukee either. St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago and many other urban cities are also "on the brink."

"Black people are resilient. We've overcome slavery, we've overcome Jim Crow. We have not been able to overcome modern liberalism and the progressive, liberal movement," Sheriff Clarke said. "That's been a stifling thing for us. We have not figured that out."

He said that will eventually happen when African Americans are forced to stand up on their own and figure things out without relying on the government for help.

"They are being hoodwinked by the Democrat Party," he concluded.

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