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On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Mike Huckabee said that Donald Trump just had a terrific week on the campaign while, while Hillary Clinton has been "missing in action."

"First of all, if you want to see Hillary Clinton, you've got to look for her picture on a milk carton," Huckabee remarked. "We don't know where she is. We know where she isn't. She's not on the campaign trail. She's not answering press questions."

He said that Trump is ramping up and gaining momentum, and if he continues to do that, he will win in November.

Huckabee added that Trump's odds will be even better if new revelations continue to come to light about the Clinton Foundation.

"Their shakedown of people across the globe to get hundreds of millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation honestly makes Al Sharpton look like a piker," Huckabee quipped. "It's just amazing how they've done it. The only thing that's more amazing is that the press seems to, for the most part, just look the other way."

"This is really more scandalous, I think, than we even can fathom."

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