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In recent weeks, Donald Trump has doubled down in his attempts to appeal to religious voters, asking for them to be more active in the election process.

"The way we're going to win is, you have to get your congregations and you have to get parishioners, you have to get all of your people to go out and vote," Trump said at a recent campaign event in Orlando.

But is the Republican nominee actually struggling with religious voters? And if so, what can he do to win more of them over?

Pastor Robert Jeffress appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" today to weigh in.

Jeffress pointed to a recent Pew poll that found evangelicals prefer Trump three-to-one over Hillary Clinton.

"The danger is not that evangelicals are going to vote for Clinton," Jeffress said. "The danger is that they won't turn out and vote at all, like they did in 2012 by the millions."

He said that Trump can drive up the religious vote by emphasizing the importance of the Supreme Court and the fact that the next president will appoint at least two - and possibly four - justices.

"The sanctity of life, religious liberty are going to be decided by the Supreme Court," Jeffress explained. "He needs to continue to hammer that point to evangelicals."

Jeffress added that Mitt Romney and John McCain made the mistake of taking the evangelical vote for granted in their respective elections, which resulted in many people staying home on Election Day.

"Donald Trump isn't making that mistake. For the last year, he has made a concerted effort to reach out to evangelical voters."

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