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Princeton University is telling faculty and staff to avoid using the word “man” and other male-leaning language.

Princeton’s Human Resources and Office of Communications issued a four-page memo filled with examples of preferable, gender-neutral terminology that must now be used in official school documents.

Examples in the four-page memo include:

  • The word “actress” should be replaced by “actor.”
  • A “cameraman” must now be called a “camera operator.”
  • There will be no more references to a “cleaning lady,” but instead an “office cleaner.”
  • New students are no longer “freshmen” but rather “first-year students.”
  • A “mailman” no longer delivers letters or packages, because that’s the work now of a “mail carrier,” “letter carrier” or “postal worker.”
  • Nothing is to ever be done for the betterment of “mankind” but instead for “humanity,” “human kind” or simply “people.”
  • A “waiter” or “waitress” will no longer dish out grub, as that’s now the work of a “server.”
  • An “average man” is now an “average person” or “ordinary person.”

“HR has developed these gender inclusive style guidelines to be utilized by all HR staff members in HR communications, policies, job descriptions and job postings,” according to the memo.

“These communication guidelines reflect the inclusive culture and policies at Princeton University.”

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