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Thirteen people have died and thousands are living in shelters as the flooding catastrophe continues in Louisiana, Harris Faulkner reported on Outnumbered.

Friday’s #OneLuckyGuy, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, said he wrote a letter to Obama, responding to his decision to stay on vacation and play golf with "Seinfeld" creator Larry David as the flooding continued.

“Maybe if it rains in Martha’s Vineyard and you have to cancel a golf game, you might fire up Air Force One,” Huckabee wrote, noting that during his tenure in Little Rock, then-President Bill Clinton routinely visited following major tornado events.

At a news conference, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards defended Obama’s response, saying he was in touch with President Obama and did not need him to immediately visit the state.

But, Fox Business anchor Dagen McDowell agreed with Huckabee, and slammed Obama’s response:

“When James Foley was beheaded [by ISIS] he made a statement, then was on the golf course. It’s repeated!” McDowell said of Obama.

When Brussels was attacked by terrorists, “he’s at a baseball game in Cuba sitting next to Raul Castro doing ‘the wave,’” she said.

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