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In an interview with Vice News, Vicente Fox criticized his successor, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto for saying recently that he would be “respectful” and try to work with whichever candidate wins the American presidency, instead calling Republican candidate Donald Trump "crazy."

It was not the first time Fox had strong words for Trump, whom he publicly criticized earlier this year for his views on building a wall on the Mexican border.

“We’re not going to pay for that [expletive] wall,” Fox exclaimed in an exclusive interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo in February.

“I cannot accept, in terms of good behavior or political correctness, [that] my neighboring country’s president is a crazy guy,” Fox said in the Vice interview.

“I said, when I had problems with Fidel Castro, I said ‘go home.’ I did it to Hugo Chavez.”

“Fortunately… Hillary has a very strong lead…in all the polls. The fish is dying by the mouth,” Fox said, apparently referencing Trump.

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