Hillary Completely Ignores Reporter's Question on Orlando Terrorist's Father

'Distracting' American Flags Ordered Removed from Town's Fire Trucks

The Orlando shooter's father should be "thrown out" of the United States, Donald Trump said in a Hannity town hall event that aired last night. 

Trump, who earlier this week laid out his plan for "extreme vetting" of those who want to emigrate from Middle Eastern nations, was asked about how he would handle Seddique Mateen.

"I'd throw him out," said Trump, mentioning Mateen's attendance at a Hillary Clinton rally in Florida earlier this month. 

"He's got a big smile on his face throughout the whole thing. He obviously liked what he heard from her," said Trump.

Hannity noted that Mateen, whose son murdered 49 people at a gay nightclub, had expressed "radical" views in the past and support for the Taliban. 

Trump said Muslims living in the United States need to help authorities in identifying possible terrorists before they strike.

"If they're not gonna help us, they're to blame also," he said.

Trump argued that in San Bernardino there were warning signs about the couple that carried out the attack on an office building last year. But he said that neighbors did not call police because they didn't want to be seen as racially profiling the couple. 

Watch the interview above and see more from the town hall event, here.

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