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Recent polls show Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump trailing Democrat Hillary Clinton nationally in the weeks following the Democratic National Convention.

This week, Trump added Breitbart News chief Stephen Bannon and Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as CEO and campaign manager respectively, supplementing campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Brian Kilmeade noted on Fox and Friends that Trump was trailing Clinton in a number of key battleground states as well, by between three and 15 points.

“What was Paul Manafort not doing that [Bannon] will do?” Kilmeade asked.

Gingrich responded that, following the DNC, Trump “got involved in a couple of mistakes he shouldn’t have”, but lauded what he called Trump’s recent “historic speech on terrorism, and the failure of the national establishment in both parties.”  

“He [also] appealed directly to the African American community. These are things you have not seen Republicans do before.”

“I think, frankly, he’s going to end up beating Hillary by surprising margins,” Gingrich said.

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