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Thursday on The Five, the panel discussed whether the power the internet gives each individual to express themselves is being corrupted by so-called ‘trolls’, or people who use the web to spread inflammatory messages and harass others.

Mentioning ‘Time’ magazine’s latest cover story, ‘Why We’re Losing the Internet to the Culture of Hate’, Juan Williams said that “with the free flow of information comes a free flow of opinion, and not everyone is engaging in polite discourse.”

Greg Gutfeld dismissed concern over online ‘trolls’, saying that “a troll online is one less troll outside—you can ignore online trolls, but you can’t ignore a troll on the subway.”

Dana Perino said her problem with the ‘trolling’ phenomenon are cases when people are intentionally concealing their true attitudes.

“The ones that drive me crazy are when they say, in their Twitter profile ‘I’m a Christian, I believe in love’ [yet] someone wished me to die today,” Perino said.

Are internet ‘trolls’ really ruining the web? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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