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Out of the devastating floods in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has emerged some inspiring stories of Americans helping each other. 

One story that's gone viral in recent days was shared on Facebook by a woman in Marksville, 90 miles northwest of Baton Rouge. 

Allison LaCombe Welch said she was in line at Walmart Monday behind a middle-aged couple and an older woman who was at the front checking out. 

Welch said the woman appeared to have "almost every basic item you could need," like clothes, shoes, basic makeup items and toiletries.

The man behind her then asked whether she was gathering the items to send to flood victims. 

She described the touching moment that happened next:

And the woman said, 'Actually sir, I am a flood victim, I lost everything I own and didn't have time to even grab my purse. There is water up to my roof. I'm staying here with my daughter until I can figure things out.' And just like that, the man handed the cashier his credit card and paid for the woman's things. She cried, his wife cried, and then I cried. It was so touching to see someone be so selfless, especially in this trying time for Louisiana! Pay it forward.

The deadly flooding has impacted at least 40,000 homes, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said during a Tuesday afternoon news conference, while 30,000 people and 1,000 pets have been rescued.

At least 11 people have died in the floods.

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