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Donald Trump overhauled his campaign structure this morning and will now be running TV ads for the first time in key battleground states.

Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort kept his position, but Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway and Breitbart News co-founder Stephen K. Bannon were installed as campaign manager and campaign chief executive respectively.

On America’s NewsroomBill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum asked Conway about the overhaul and about how Trump can cut into Clinton's lead in the polls. 

Conway denied that the moves are a "shakeup," explaining that it's more about increasing coordination at the senior levels of the campaign and combating Clinton's huge money and manpower advantages.

Hemmer noted Trump’s decline in polling in several battleground states, and asked what Conway would advise in her new role to help reverse that trend.

“Keep giving these policy speeches, because there’s absolutely zero evidence that the voters want this election to be about this content-free cacophony with no substance and no issues,” Conway said.

Conway drew a contrast between that plan and Hillary Clinton’s recent appearances with her campaign surrogates, saying that when Vice President Joe Biden appeared in Scranton, Pa., with Clinton, he spent “95 percent of his speech endorsing Clinton—on Donald Trump.”

Conway said Trump's speech on ISIS and his address last night on "law and order" were "very well received" even by vocal critics.

Watch the full interview above, and give your reaction in the comments below.

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