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This hilarious parody video goes out to all the women who bring a jacket to the office in July! 

Kudos to College Humor for coming up with this original YouTube video which is quickly going viral, no doubt thanks to many female office workers shivering right now under an A/C vent. 

"The women's winter is here. The freeze is upon us," said a female worker in the video. 

Meantime, the male workers are seen in beach attire, tossing a ball... 

"I dunno. I'm pretty comfortable," one says.

One of the women then suggests adjusting the thermostat, but is quickly shot down. 

"The temperature is controlled by the general thermostat in the basement. We have no power and the Ice King knows it," she warns, as the bundled workers sit huddled by candlelight. 

Watch the full video above!

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