Charles Krauthammer argued on The O'Reilly Factor that crime and poverty in black communities are the result of failed liberal policies and the breakdown of the family unit.

He agreed with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who blamed "father-absent homes" for contributing to young black men getting involved in gangs or committing crimes. 

"When fathers aren't around to shape the behavior of young men, they oftentimes grow up to be unmanageable misfits," said Clarke, who also pointed to failing public schools. 

Violent riots broke out in Milwaukee over the weekend following the fatal police shooting of a 23-year-old armed black man. 

Krauthammer agreed with Clarke's assessment, recalling that liberal Sen. Pat Moynihan made the same argument in 1965 and was "viciously attacked and even ostracized" over it. 

He said that the whole point of a society and a family is to "socialize and civilize" young men as they grow into adulthood and that isn't happening in some of these communities. 

"If you fail at that, you fail at everything," said Krauthammer, who said "fatherless-ness" in black communities has continued to get worse and worse. 

He continued that "no liberal in America" would want their children in some of these inner-city public schools, saying many are corrupt and controlled by teachers' unions.

On top of that, he said that the welfare system was "well-intended," but had tragic consequences over the years. He said Aid to Families with Dependent Children was created to help widows with children. 

But in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the welfare program turned into a "subsidy for illegitimacy," he explained. 

"What it created was a cash payment system, where essentially if you had an illegitimate child and no one to help you out in the house, the government essentially became your providing husband," he said, adding that President Obama has "undone" reforms to the welfare system.

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