In the closing days of World War II, reports surfaced of the existence of a so-called Nazi "gold train."

Now two German men say they found the long lost train’s final stop.

In the 1940s, a train stationed in Poland, “full of gold and gems,” reportedly departed into a “massive labyrinth of tunnels," Trace Gallagher reported Tuesday.

The train was being used to flee Soviet forces advancing on Nazi Germany. Reports say German leader Adolf Hitler had a similar train reserved for his own escape.

However, since the Polish tunnel project was incomplete, the legendary train would have been on a “track to nowhere,” Gallagher said.

Contemporary historians have been largely skeptical of the train’s existence, but the two men said they would reveal the train’s location for ten percent of the profit made from the precious cargo.

Backhoes and bulldozers were seen digging into a hillside Tuesday, and local reports say the world will know within 24 hours if the men have indeed found the lost Nazi gold train.

On Happening Now Wednesday, Ian Sayer, a WWII historian and the co-author of Nazi Gold, said he doubts that this hunt will turn up anything. 

Sayer said Russian forces had the area surrounded and that it's "beyond belief" that the train could have passed through. 

Sayer noted that smaller discoveries of Nazi treasure have come from deathbed confessions of former German army or SS officers.

He discounted the likelihood that a lost train loaded with tons of Nazi gold could have been kept secret for all these years.

Watch the riveting interview above.

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