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In his monologue today, Greg Gutfeld ripped a New York Times editorial that claimed Donald Trump's proposed "ideological test" of immigrants has the "uncomfortable echo of McCarthyism."

Gutfeld said that when the left calls anything McCarthy-esque, it's a compliment.

"'McCarthyism' is the default button that liberals push whenever we demand fighting external threats - be it yesterday's communism or today's ISIS," Gutfeld explained.

He said it's a "clichéd smear" that paints people as bigots for expressing concern about terror attacks, linking mass violence to those who extol it and wishing to halt mass murder.

Gutfeld said that the liberal media fails to see that it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with deadly ideas.

"As they focus on Trump, they ignore Hillary Clinton saying she won't send troops to [fight] ISIS, a pre-surrendering to evil. How bizarre," Gutfeld said. "The Times are OK with that. Always on the wrong side of history, the media cannot read the handwriting on the wall, even when it's written in blood."

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