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During a "Hannity" town hall event tonight, Donald Trump was joined onstage by Sheriff David Clarke, Rudy Giuliani and Gov. Scott Walker to react to growing anti-law enforcement sentiment in the U.S.

Trump said that President Obama has contributed to an atmosphere that is hostile to police officers, calling him "the great divider."

"He has not been good to the police, certainly," Trump said. "He has divided this country ... and I think it's disgraceful."

Giuliani said that Obama, Hillary Clinton and other "racial arsonists" have contributed to this hostile atmosphere by consistently rushing to judgment in cases where racial tensions intersect with policing.

Sheriff Clarke declared that Obama is a "straight-up cop-hater" and offered a solution to restore law and order in the U.S.: "Job one is getting Donald Trump elected president of the United States. The rest will take care of itself."

"Throughout Donald Trump's entire professional life, he has been an agent of change," Walker agreed. "And he'll be that as the next president."

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