Rescue crews in Louisiana over the weekend freed a woman and her dog from their sinking car in a gripping video, Will Carr reported this morning.

Historic flooding has ripped through the Baton Rouge area over the past few days, leaving vehicles stranded, homes and businesses destroyed and even causing the evacuation of the Louisiana governor’s mansion.

At least four people died, with 20,000 needing to be rescued. 

In the video above, three men riding in a boat near the city used a blunt object to break the woman’s window as her sedan began to sink below the raging waters.

As the car became completely submerged, a man jumped into the current and pulled the woman out by her arms through the shattered rear window.

When she got to the surface, she screamed out that her dog was still in the car. 

One rescuer could be heard telling her that the dog would not survive before the other man popped up with the soaked and frightened pooch in hand!

Watch the full video from America’s Newsroom above.

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