In a speech in Youngstown, Ohio, on Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump laid out his main immigration policy proposals, which included what he called ‘extreme, extreme vetting’.

“To defeat radical Islamic terrorism, we must speak out forcefully against a hateful ideology that provides a breeding ground for violence and terrorism to grow,” Trump said.

“We need a new screening test for the threats we face today—I call it extreme vetting. Our country has enough problems—we don’t need more.”

“We should only admit into this country those who share our values and respect our people,” Trump said.

In explaining his plan, Trump invoked the ideological screening test that the United States implemented during the Cold War, when the capitalist West was at odds with the communist Soviet Union.

“In addition to screening-out members and sympathizers of terrorist groups, we must also screen-out any with hostile attitudes or beliefs that Sharia law should supplant American law.”

“Those that do not believe in our Constitution will not be admitted… into our country,” Trump said.

Trump also attacked Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase immigration flows from various countries by as much as 550%, according to his campaign.

“The size of immigration flows are too large to support adequate screenings.”

Watch Trump’s remarks above.

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