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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went "On The Record" tonight to react to violent riots that have broken out in his city following a deadly police shooting of an armed black man.

Sheriff Clarke said that the shooting may have "ignited" the violence, but progressive policies are actually the main culprit.

"Milwaukee could be a case study in how damaging progressive, liberal policies have been," Sheriff Clarke said. "They've created an underclass here. We have entrenched poverty in the city of Milwaukee, we have failing schools, we have dysfunctional families, broken homes, we have massive unemployment, we have questionable lifestyle choices."

He said all of that has resulted in an environment that is like a powder keg ready to explode whenever there's an inciting incident like a police shooting.

"You look at any other urban area with a ghetto - Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore and other cities - it's the same thing," Sheriff Clarke said. "This is pathetic. I'm from Milwaukee and it sickens me."

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