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U.S. Army Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata (Ret.) appeared on "The Five" today to reveal some exclusive information about the White House's role in CENTCOM's distortion of intelligence to downplay the threats of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Tata revealed that a source verified to him that he was directed by an individual from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, who conducts the president’s daily briefing, to stop producing "products of record" that did not fit the administration's narrative of a defeated Al Qaeda and a non-threatening enemy in ISIS.

Tata said that the president’s briefer told this individual to call him on a secure line if he had any intelligence that portrayed ISIS in a stronger light than what the president had characterized to the public, which would not leave a paper trail.

He said that this distortion of intelligence on ISIS essentially led to the U.S. ignoring the growing threat and giving the terror group two years to take root.

"It could have been the president saying, 'Don't tell me this.' Or it could have been the briefer going back after a rough meeting saying, 'Hey look, don't give me anymore of this stuff. I don't want to bring it to the president.'"

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