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Former Navy SEAL Leif Babin went "On The Record" tonight to react to Donald Trump's speech about his plan to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terror.

Babin said that he liked that Trump was willing to name the enemy: "radical Islam."

"It was very refreshing to see him acknowledge the nature and seriousness of the threat," Babin said, noting that is something he's never seen from President Obama or Hillary Clinton.

He added that he wasn't concerned about a lack of details in Trump's speech, because the Obama administration has been way too forthcoming with details over the past eight years, which he called "unnecessary."

He argued that ISIS would actually be an easy enemy to defeat if we gave U.S. troops a clear mission and the necessary support.

"Had we taken the necessary steps to destroy ISIS two years ago, we could have absolutely done that," Babin said. "We just have to give our military folks the power to do so."

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