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Donald Trump supporter Brigitte Gabriel and Muslim community activist Muhammed Chaudhry appeared on "The Kelly File" tonight to debate Trump's proposals for combating radical Islam in the U.S.

In a speech today, Trump called for "extreme, extreme vetting" of immigrants coming from Muslim-majority countries, suggesting that we only admit immigrants who agree with American values and believe in our Constitution.

Gabriel said she loved Trump's speech, saying that it's time for a leader who "calls a spade a spade" and is willing to do what it takes to defend Americans.

"We do not want immigrants coming here who hate our way of life, who do not want to live under our Constitution, who do not value equality between men and women, who bring a different set of values into this country," Gabriel said. "Those are not the immigrants we want, and I think his speech today was fabulous."

Chaudhry, meanwhile, accused Trump of "fear mongering," "ignorance" and "bigotry."

He said that Trump should meet with Muslim leaders, which could help him come to the realization that radical Islamists are just a small fraction of Muslims.

He added that 97 percent of those killed by Islamic extremists are other Muslims.

"So this is not Islam versus Christians versus Jews," Chaudhry said.

He also called for a "counter ideology" to be preached in Muslim communities, in order to combat the propaganda of Islamists.

Gabriel noted that Chaudhry is a member of a moderate Muslim movement, which simply does not represent the majority of Muslims.

"We want more people like [Muhammed], but he does not represent the radical Islam we are dealing with today and that Trump is talking about."

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