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Mike Huckabee appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" to slam a New York Times piece that paints a grim picture of the "sputtering" Donald Trump campaign.

Citing several unnamed sources, the article asserts that Trump's advisors and family members are trying - and failing - to get the candidate to dial back his rhetoric and stay on message.

"If it wasn't so tragic and really indicative of the death of any semblance of journalism, it would be funny," Huckabee said. "This story is absolute fabrication. It is not true, and I say that from first-hand experience."

Huckabee acknowledged that sometimes Trump may misspeak or commit a gaffe, but we should be thankful we have a candidate who's so open and candid.

"When is Hillary Clinton going to sit down and go with an unguarded interview?" Huckabee said. "When she does, then she says things like she short-circuited or that she talked past Chris Wallace in a rare moment where she ever has an interview at all."

As for Trump's threat that he will revoke the Times' press credentials, Huckabee wondered why they have credentials in the first place.

"If they make up stories out of thin air with sources they won't name ... why should they even have credentials? For what?"

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