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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson appeared on "The Greg Gutfeld Show" last night to discuss his bid for the White House and how he plans to get enough support to secure a spot in the first presidential debate on September 26.

Johnson put his chances at being onstage at the debate - which requires a candidate have at least 15 percent in the polls - at "better than 50 percent."

That would give him a chance to speak to a much larger number of Americans about his campaign platform: reduce the size of government, stand up for civil liberties and stop intervening militarily in other countries.

"Let's bring the world together with free markets," Johnson said.

Gutfeld dubbed Johnson the "sleeper candidate" in 2016 because he's a successful two-term governor of New Mexico with a compelling platform, but he's also "kind of goofy" and "weird."

See what Gutfeld's talking about in the highly entertaining interview above...

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