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A Milwaukee police officer shot and killed an armed suspect fleeing a traffic stop Saturday night, setting off a violent confrontation between police and protesters.

A gas station was set on fire and other businesses also were torched following an hours-long standoff between rioters and police, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning and called for people to "pray first, and then act."

"We must stop, we must have reason and sanity," King said, explaining that only then can we work on coming up with solutions.

She called on the leaders of America - on the national and local level - to calm citizens and to prevent further violence and unrest.

"We've got to stop this. If I sound like I'm a little agitated, I am. But I believe in the midst of this agitation, we can pray and we can find solutions."

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