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A powerful, tear-jerking video shows the moment a teenager asks her father figure to officially adopt her.

The video, which was filmed last month, shows 18-year-old Lauren Hernandez handing a wrapped box to Joe Iosco, her mom's boyfriend of 17 years, at her high school graduation party.

The box contains a framed poem and a stack of adoption papers that would legally make Lauren his daughter.

When Joe realized what Lauren is asking, his knees give out and he breaks down in tears.

He and his daughter-to-be embrace as friends and family cheer.

Joe said that he's been in Lauren's life since she was one year old and he's always loved being a father figure to her.

“I’ve wanted nothing more than to be her dad from day one," Joe told WBBM.

“He’s been there for everything for me," Lauren said.

Watch the touching, emotional moment above.

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