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Nearly half of Americans feel the American way of life is under threat, according to a new Monmouth University poll.

47 percent of those polled said the American way of life is under great threat and 31 percent said some threat, while only 20 percent said the threat level is either not much (13 percent) or not at all (seven percent).

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The poll asked if people felt their personal way of life was under threat from six different sources.

Among those, a majority said they felt personally threatened by Islamic terrorists (61 percent), followed by the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency (54 percent).

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42 percent of those polled said that their way of life is threatened by a potential Hillary Clinton presidency.

43 percent said they are threatened by the policies of the Republican Party, while 39 percent said the same for the Democratic Party.

Only 28 percent said their personal way of life is under threat from illegal immigrants from Mexico.

See some "security moms" react to the poll's findings below.

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