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Meghan McCain got fired up on "The Five" yesterday while discussing the "double standard" in how the media covers Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

She noted that most of the mainstream media is focusing on Trump's "founders of ISIS" comments, while all but ignoring shocking new revelations about Clinton's emails.

"When Donald Trump says things, it offends people sometimes and it can be controversial, but when Hillary makes mistakes, people die," McCain said.

She pointed to Iran's execution of nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri, who was allegedly a spy for the U.S. and who was apparently alluded to in some of Clinton's hacked emails.

"Why aren't we talking about this, talking about the fact that she put our national security at risk?" McCain wondered. "It's so egregious. This is real-life information about our CIA informants being murdered, and it's getting no coverage, except on this channel."

McCain also had a strong reaction to the bombshell report that officials from the U.S. military’s Central Command altered key data to downplay the threat of ISIS.

The report, which comes from a House Republican panel, confirms allegations by dozens of intelligence analysts that their reports were altered by CENTCOM higher-ups.

"Anyone with two brain cells knows that ISIS is growing, and the fact that they were trying to change information in order to protect [Obama's] legacy is egregious," McCain said.

She agreed with Stephen Hayes' assertion that this is the single biggest scandal of the Obama administration.

"Of all the things that Obama has done, this will be the legacy. And there is blood on his and the administration's hands right now."

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