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Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland (D) has apologized after he was caught on tape saying that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's death "happened at a good time."

The former Ohio governor's remark surfaced in an audio recording (below) from an August 8 AFL-CIO event in Cleveland.

“That was an insensitive remark and I apologize,” Strickland said on Wednesday.

Strickland, who's challenging GOP Sen. Rob Portman, told union leaders that Scalia's death "saved labor from a terrible decision."

"And, my friends, a lot of average citizens out there don’t understand the importance of that court. I mean, the death of Scalia saved labor from a terrible decision. And I don’t wish anyone ill, but it happened at a good time. Because once that decision had been made, it would have been tough to reverse it," he said as the audience applauded.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich reacted on On the Record, saying the fact that people were laughing at Scalia's death is another sign of how "partisan" and "polarized" the country has become.

Greta noted that Strickland took to Twitter to blast Donald Trump for his "Second Amendment people" comment shortly after making this insensitive remark. 

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