Two Colorado men have reportedly been killed while fighting alongside Kurdish forces against ISIS in northern Syria.

Jordan MacTaggart, 22, from Castle Rock, is believed to have been killed Aug. 3 while fighting in a squad alongside at least one other American.

Trace Gallagher reported the latest details this afternoon. MacTaggart's father said he pushed his son to join the U.S. military, but his son did "research" and ended up joining a Kurdish militia called the YPG.

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MacTaggart's father told AP that he followed the battles on the Internet and had been contact with militia members for updates on his son.

MacTaggart's mother recalled that her son had "a huge heart" and was deeply affected by injustice in the world. 

The family said he went to join the fight after hearing about beheadings, stabbings and sexual assaults reportedly committed by ISIS forces. 

MacTaggart returned home for a short time after being wounded in a battle last year.

The State Department has not yet confirmed his death, AP reported.

A second man from suburban Denver, 24-year-old Levi Shirley, was reportedly killed by a land mine July 14 in Syria.

According to a think tank estimate, one-third of foreign fighters who have traveled to join the battle against ISIS are from the U.S. 

The first American to be killed fighting ISIS, Keith Broomfield of Massachusetts, died in 2015. He went to fight without having had any formal military training. 

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