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Is Hillary Off the Hook With DOJ on Clinton Foundation Allegations?

It appears that trying to get a straight answer out of the State Department about Hillary Clinton's emails is a frustrating exercise. 

On America's Election HQ today, we saw a group of reporters question State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau about 44 newly-released emails. 

The emails were not in the original 30,000 handed over to the State Department, despite Clinton's claims she turned over all work-related emails.

The documents, produced as a result of a conservative watchdog group's FOIA lawsuit, appear to challenge Clinton's insistence that there is "no connection" between her family foundation and her work at the department.

Trudeau danced around the same question multiple times, before one exasperated reporter eventually asked: "Am I not speaking English?"

The reporters wanted to know whether the State Department had specifically looked into the allegations of "pay-to-play" connected to the Clinton Foundation. 

Watch the exchange above. 

Greta Van Susteren joined Shannon Bream to talk about the press conference, calling it "absolutely disgraceful" that Trudeau kept refusing to answer straightforward questions.

"This is her job. The State Department is supposed to be transparent and give us information. Why are we even paying for this stuff?" she asked. 

Van Susteren said the State Department shouldn't even bother to hold news conferences if they're not going to provide information. 

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