In an On the Record interview tonight, Donald Trump was asked what has surprised him most during his presidential run. 

Trump said he's been amazed at how smart the American people are, adding that he believes they're seeing through "biased reporting" and a "rigged" system. 

"They get it. They really get it," he said, adding that it's "incredible" how biased and one-sided the media is right now. 

He also expressed confidence that he will "easily" win a state like Pennsylvania, explaining that he hasn't even started running TV ads in key swing states.

On the presidential debate schedule, Trump said he just wants a "fair moderator," adding that many members of the media have been "unfair" to him. 

"The good news is people understand that. They know it's unfair," said Trump, adding that he wants to do the debates. 

He reiterated that none of the debates should be on at the same time as NFL games. Trump said Rudy Giuliani will be "very much involved" in his debate planning process.

"I think [the debates] will be very revealing for the public and I look forward to it."

Watch the interview above.

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