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A Subway employee in Utah deliberately poisoned a cop who came in for lunch on Monday, according to authorities.

Police say the unnamed officer, a sergeant with the Layton Police Department, took a drink of his beverage and tasted chemicals.

The officer said he came to a red light on his way back to the station and his body was unresponsive, making it so he couldn't brake, according to KSTU.

He made it safely back to the station and was taken to the hospital.

Authorities said the officer's drink tested positive for marijuana, THC and methamphetamine.

When authorities reviewed the restaurant's surveillance tape, they allegedly saw a subway employee lace the officer's beverage.

"The suspect was seen taking the sergeant's order, filling his drink," Sgt. Clint Bobrowski said. "The suspect left the sergeant's drink on the counter and left the picture frame. In the video you can see him returning with something in his hand and then leaning over the sergeant's drink for an unusual amount of time. The suspect then provided the sergeant with the drink."

Officers arrested 18-year-old Tanis Lloyd Ukena after seeing him on the surveillance video.

Ukena was booked on a charge of “surreptitious administration of a substance,” which is a second-degree felony.

The officer was released from the hospital and is taking a few days at home to recover, according to reports.

Subway released the following statement:

We are shocked by these charges. Our thoughts are with the Sergeant and his family and we are hoping for a quick recovery. The restaurant owners are working closely with the police in their investigation and will take appropriate action.

As this is still an active police investigation, we cannot provide any further information and must refer further questions to the police.

Watch the local report above.

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