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Gunfire broke out during a demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri, on the second anniversary of Michael Brown's death.

Witnesses said that people had gathered to mark two years since since the unarmed black 18-year-old was fatally shot by a white police officer.

They said a car sped through a group of demonstrators who were blocking the street, striking a young man so hard that he flew into the air.

Shots were fired at the vehicle as it drove away, they said.

Police responded and found no evidence that anyone had been struck by the gunfire.

The man who was hit by the car was reportedly badly injured and was taken to a hospital.

Heather De Mian, who frequently livestreams protests in the St. Louis area, said she screamed when the man was hit.

"Then when the bullets flew, I started screaming some more," she said.

Watch De Mian's shocking footage of the incident below (starts at approximately the 1:30 mark).

(WARNING: Graphic language and content)

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