A conference of historians will have a new look at its 2017 gathering: according to Campus Reform, all-male and all-white speaking panels are no longer allowed.

"It is no longer acceptable to submit a panel that’s all-male and all-white," the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (SHEAR) told its members.

SHEAR, established in 1977, bills itself as an "association of scholars dedicated to exploring the events and the meaning of United States history between 1776 and 1861."

The drive for increased diversity was laid out on the group's website, directing members how to successfully propose a panel discussion for next year's conference.

Finally, display diversity in your selection of personnel. It is no longer acceptable to submit a panel that’s all-male and all-white, but these are not the only forms of diversity we look for. The best panels have a mix of presenters—by gender, graduate students and professors of different ranks, racial diversity, people from a range of universities, non-academic presenters, people who haven’t appeared on a SHEAR program before or in a while, people who don’t all live within the city limits of one university town.

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