New video just aired on Fox News shows NYPD officers grabbing and arresting a man who climbed Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

The climber, using suction cups to latch onto the windows and a harness, began his climb around 3:30 or 4pm local time. 

Police had broken out windows near him and were trying to convince him to abandon his effort. 

Moments ago, the man climbed to within reach of a group of officers. One was able to reach out and pull the man into the open window. 

The other officers then unhooked the man from his harnesses and they took him into custody.

Shep reported that the man, reportedly from Virginia, wrote on social media recently that he was coming to New York and needed to talk to Trump.

It's not clear what the man, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt wants to accomplish. 

Police officers have also set up inflatable air bag-like devices below in case he falls. 

As of 6pm ET, the man was said to be at about the 16th floor.

The 58-story building is headquarters to the Republican presidential nominee's campaign. He also lives there.

A campaign spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump is campaigning in Virginia and Florida today.

Parts of the building, including the terraces, are open to the public during the day.