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Tired of having packages stolen from his doorstep, a Las Vegas man came up with a hilariously unique way to teach a thief a lesson.

Victor, who apparently didn't want his last name revealed, told KVVU that he has had four packages stolen from his current address.

After setting up a surveillance camera, he saw a female suspect repeatedly come to his home looking for new deliveries.

That's when he came up with a plan to get his revenge.

“I’m sitting here watching her, and I’m thinking I could go out and scare the crap out of her, but nah,” Victor said to KVVU.

“I had a pile of dog poop in my backyard one day, and I’m like, ‘I should just box this up and see if someone wants to steal it.’"

Well, apparently this woman did, and her theft was caught on camera.

"I guess she wanted my poop more than I did," Victor said.

Watch the local report above.

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