There were two big stories on the 2016 campaign trail yesterday, but according to a new analysis, the mainstream media's coverage was far from equal.

NewsBusters reports that ABC, CBS and NBC only treated Donald Trump's Second Amendment comment as "a gaffe worthy of extensive coverage."

The remark at a rally in North Carolina, which some interpreted as a call for violence against Hillary Clinton, received five times more coverage than the father of the Orlando terrorist attending a Clinton rally in Florida. 

NewsBusters wrote: 

ABC, CBS and NBC deluged viewers with more than five times more coverage — 25 minutes and 35 seconds versus 4 minutes and 41 seconds —  to Trump’s “Second Amendment people” remark than they did to the father of an ISIS-inspired terrorist sitting right behind Clinton at a rally in Orlando, Florida. 

CBS pounced on Trump’s comment that “maybe” “Second Amendment people” can do something about Clinton’s judges, highlighting the story for 14 minutes and 24 seconds on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. In contrast, the Evening News and CBS This Morning hosts allowed just a scant 59 seconds to Seddique Mateen, the father of a man who murdered 49 people in an Orlando night club, attending a Clinton at a rally on Monday.

Dr. Ben Carson emphasized the disparity in an interview today with Maria Bartiromo, saying that the media's one goal is to keep Trump in "the middle of the bullseye." 

He argued that the father of Omar Mateen is a "much bigger" story than what Trump said at his rally. 

"If they can continue to talk about [Trump] they don't have to talk about Hillary. They don't have to talk about the fact that the father of the terrorist who slayed 49 people was sitting in a prominent position right behind her as she was giving a speech. And that a person like that would be attracted to her, a person that has expressed admiration for al Qaeda," said Carson.

Carson said it doesn't matter what Trump says anymore because the media is going to find a problem with it and "find a way to demonize him."

"Don't be manipulated into believing all the crap that they're putting out there."

Watch the interview above.

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