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Some people (and some marine mammals apparently) just don't like to be photographed... 

One woman learned the hard way that when you're at SeaWorld you should keep your valuables out of reach! 

An Orlando visitor recorded the moment a dolphin leaped from its tank to snatch a woman's iPad.

The video, recorded over the weekend, appears to show the dolphin being very proud of what it had just done. 

The man who shot the video, Kuadiel Gomez, told FOX 13 he's a season pass holder and has never seen anything like that happen at the park. 

"That dolphin just lunged and reached the lady, which was unbelievable," he said, explaining that it occurred while visitors were petting the friendly creatures.

The woman was able to pluck her floating device out of the water. A worker was heard reminding guests that dolphins can reach loose items. 

Watch the moment above.

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