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A Staten Island, New York, man unveiled a new Donald Trump sign outside his home after vandals burned down the first one. 

Sam Pirozzolo said his daughter woke him up around 1am Sunday to tell him that someone was ringing the doorbell. 

When he looked outside, he saw his Trump sign on fire. 

Investigators said the unidentified arsonist doused the sign in gasoline. Pirozzolo told the New York Post he wanted the arson to be investigated as a hate crime, but it did not meet the criteria.

“If this was about my religion or if I was gay, this would be a hate crime,” he said. “That someone can walk up, set a fire, burn my property and put my family in danger — it’s crazy not to make this a hate crime."

Pirozzolo, with the help of artist Scott Lobaido, quickly got to work on another patriotic "T" in honor of Trump. Lobaido vowed to make this one even bigger.

The two men joined Maria Bartiromo this afternoon, with Lobaido emphasizing that the "T" is a work of art, not merely a "sign."

"This is my freedom of speech, expression as an artist," he said, adding that other artists and locals pitched in and Trump himself called to express his support. 

Pirozzolo recalled that Trump thanked them for their support and even said hello to his family. 

"It was great to have the next president tell my children, 'you have a great dad,'" he said.

Lobaido said a friend offered to donate a home surveillance system to monitor Pirozzolo's property in case vandals try to strike again. 

"There is nothing that's gonna stop me from exercising my First Amendment right," Pirozzolo declared. 

Watch the full interview above.

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