The appearance of the Orlando terrorist's father at a Hillary Clinton rally is more evidence of the Democratic nominee's "lax security disorder," Greg Gutfeld said today on The Five.

Cameras spotted Seddique Mateen - whose son Omar Mateen killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in June - standing in the crowd Monday night in Florida.

The Clinton campaign later explained that the event was "open-door" and the campaign did not know Mateen would be there. 

In his monologue today, Gutfeld wondered how the pro-Taliban "nutbird" could possibly get that close to a presidential candidate.

"In the world of the Taliban, you don't want to be a stone's throw from anyone, especially if you're a woman," he said. 

Gutfeld said Mateen's attendance was not Clinton's fault but in the case of Republicans, the media always uses "one freak to smear the whole bunch."

He explained that whether it's her emails, Benghazi or a dead terrorist's dad, Clinton suffers from a "lax security disorder."

"Everything but her own privacy is an open door and priorities seem as skewed as her delightful bark." 

Gutfeld said the best thing Trump has going for him in this campaign is Clinton, and the reverse is also true for the former First Lady. 

Watch the commentary above.

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