Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said Iran is "running wild" in the Middle East due to the Obama administration's policies. 

But he had some harsh words for some Republicans as well, arguing that Donald Trump is "little league compared to the Iranians" when it comes to making deals. 

Peters said he's "disgusted" with both presidential candidates, adding that it's "wishful thinking from the Trump-ettes" to think that the billionaire businessman can go up against Iran, Vladimir Putin and the Chinese. 

"Trump is not remotely equipped. This is big league stuff," he said.

Peters said the Russians would "love" if Trump became president because some of Trump's advisers have "really murky" ties to Russia.

He pushed back against those who argue that an "outsider" is needed, bringing up the letter this week from 50 former GOP national security officials in opposition to Trump. 

"Would you want a doctor to perform a serious operation on you who has never touched a scalpel? ... Experience isn't a dirty word. Experience matters! In foreign policy, in military affairs, it matters!" he argued. 

Watch the full discussion on The Factor above.

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